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At Motorsport Inc we are passionate about your Porsche. Using specific parts we can  give your car the best care available.

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Motorsport, Inc., envisioned in 1998, but officially founded in 2004, takes pride in high quality service at a reasonable price. Since that time on Richards Street, we have changed locations and increased our capacity to our 16,000 sqft facility. Our service menu includes full automotive service, maintenance, and repair. Motorsport, Inc. also sells parts and have eBay and E-commerce sales sites. Motorsport, Inc. has skilled personnel on site to complete any needed auto repairs or parts needs.

We Have You Covered


Whether you are the proud owner of a Porsche or other high end marque, our skilled ASE Certified mechanics and technicians are prepared to service your vehicle. Motorsport, Inc. is passionate about your Porsche. We understand the intricate make-up of your luxury vehicle, and are able to not only diagnose potentials problems, but also effectively perform Porsche repair and maintenance services. By using only the finest Porsche specific parts and fluids, we can service your vehicle with the best care available.

Our Quality Promise and Commitment to You.


When owners of exotic marques look for a facility to service their automobiles, they have several concerns.  First, they look for a business that has a passion and knowledge to properly repair, maintain, and service their vehicle.  Motorsport, Inc. is comprised of a group of well educated and passionate enthusiasts. Second, owners want to know that the business they chose, is well established; insured; bonded and careful. Motorsport, Inc. is careful and considerate when handling customers cars. In all our years in business we have never had a claim on a customer vehicle. Finally, customers want to know that the shop they choose has a history of fixing customers cars in a timely manner and at a fair price which is what Motorsport, Inc. accomplishes.  Our many positive online reviews and available customer references demonstrate this fact.  We encourage potential customers to schedule an appointment to inspect our facilities and ask any questions they may have, prior to committing to service with Motorsport, Inc.  Although we encounter heavy service scheduling at times, it is our promise to you, that we will fix your car right, in a timely manner, and for a fair price.


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Motorsport, Inc.

3553 South Main Street, South Salt Lake City, UT 84115, USA

(801) 487-6733 or (801) 904-3163


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